Friday, March 26, 2010

First post: "Why I've started this"

I've decided to start up my own sex blog because a) I am a human that has sex and b) I'm an introvert who thinks (almost too much) about the sex I have, the sex that's out there, and how it can be understood (preferably to make it better).

Sex, particlarly the lack of it / the denial of it, has significance for my life. Growing up as a closeted gay man, my early years with it were spent denying it while simultaneously craving it; it was a reprehensible experience and I wish for no one else to experience it.

I intend to focus not so much on my individual encounters (I'm not aiming for a kiss-fuck-and-tell blog), but on what I experienced through them and what I have learned that may be of use to others.

Sex can be a source of amazing experiences; it should be our duty to strive toward that amazement.

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