Sunday, April 18, 2010

Formspring: how far do you go on the first date?

If he and I get along, I'll go as far as we both feel like. One of my best dates started with the two of us meeting at his place, sucking, fucking, cuddling, and then relaxing with cakes and a DVD.

I'm a little different (I think); I am not interested in a romantic relationship, but rather friendships with benefits (or simple hook-ups). Some "first dates" have ended up being strictly conversation or dining due to lack of further interest.

I know there are suggested rules for when to do what, particularly in order to "keep" a man. While I understand why some people don't go all out (they want to get to know the guy, etc), I see sex as being part of the getting-to-know-each-other process if both parties want it. This may not work with some guys, as some hold to the idea that sex is supposed to be some later destination after wooing and cooing. In that case, they're probably just going to want to be (non-sexual) friends with me, if anything at all, as we are then seeking two very different things.

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