Friday, April 16, 2010

Formspring: Raw or wrapped?

Wrapped for me.

While I have unintentionally had raw / bareback sex in the spur (and heat) of the moment, I aim for condom usage. I intend on creating children later in life via a surrogate mother and my sperm, and HIV would be an obstacle (maybe an insurmountable one) against that goal. However, as I do want to enjoy sex and not live a life of self-imposed chastity (I did that too long while I was closeted), using a condom provides a nice middle ground.

Thus far, I've been barebacked one for, at most, a couple of minutes. The circumstances ameliorated any outrage I might have otherwise had though.

Do I have desires for barebacking? Certainly. My sexuality side is naughty, dirty, and submissive (thus far). Yet, my sexuality generally does not have the deciding vote in my decision-making. It is a part of me that must bend to my overall will.

I also have not swallowed, nor a significant desire to do. While I have no expectation that others should swallow when performing oral on me, I will not deny them that option should they want it.

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