Thursday, May 13, 2010

Formspring: Name three people you want to fuck your ass?

Only three? Here's a list of some guys I think I'd enjoy having anal sex with; you can focus on the top three if you want:

1) Chris Steele, porn star and director
2) Michael Brandon, porn star
3) Bobby Blake, porn star
4) Colton Ford, porn star
5) MeetTheBreeder, sex exploits blogger
6) Studfucker, sex exploits blogger
7) Mark Bentson (IBlastInside), sex exploits blogger
8) Stephen Cox, former sex exploits blogger (GeekSlut)
9) JuicyGigolo, porn actor and frequent twitterer
10) TravManFucksYou (on XTube), former sex exploits twitterer

This list is not exhaustive and there are some guys I'd like to cuddle with, but, for whatever reason, hesitate to have anal sex with; some of the guys above also are strict barebackers, so I'd have to be willing to bareback in order to have anal sex with them (which may postpone that possibility, beyond the physical distance).

Formspring: Do you play with your nipples when you jerk off?

Not to a noteworthy extent. I sometimes gently brush the hair on my arms though.

Formspring: Swallow or spit?

I haven't performed oral to the point where this has become an issue; either he's ended up jerking off or we've used it as foreplay for anal.

Given my hesitance toward taking in someone else's cum ("being bred") at this time and my apparent allergy toward cum, I'd have to say spit (at least for me). Should I prove to not have allergy or should that allergy be cured and should my opinion toward being "bred" change (systemtically or for a particular individual), I might swallow.

My choices are mine though, and I have no reason to inflict my choices upon others.

Formspring: If your boyfriend insisted, would you allow only him to get off and not pleasure yourself?

You assume I'd have or want a boyfriend, which is not the case.

Generally, when I'm having sex with a guy, pleasuring him is my priority. I get myself off when he wants me to get off (or after he's gotten off). I'll assert myself in the beginning, as too many tops (in my experience) go in too fast and trigger an ungodly painful spasm. Once I have loosened up sufficiently and can take him, I give the reins over to him.

Ideally, he will take charge of ensuring my pleasure (in exchange for my prioritization of him).

I haven't had enough sex to really generalize though. With such a limited number of hook-ups, each one can dramatically skew things.

Formspring: Have you ever been tied up?

Nope, I haven't. Against, something that might be interesting with someone I trust.

Formspring: Do you trim down there?

Not usually.

If I know I'm going to a hook-up, I may comb myself down there in order to get rid of loose hair and fluff it up (it feels better afterwards). I also on rarer occasions cut some of it.

Formspring: Have you ever been restrained using duct tape?

No, I haven't. Could be interesting with a person I trust.

Formspring: What's the most number of times you have shot a load in a 24-hour period?

Three or four times I think.

Formspring: Do you eat your cum?

No. I've written about my first cum-tasting experience here:

Formspring: Cut or uncut?

Uncut. Have no reason or desire to change it.

Formspring: What does your cum taste like?

From my one experience tasting it, I think it tastes like egg whites. The only other guy who's tasted it said it was sweet.

Formspring: When's the last time something was up your ass?

This morning, when I went to work on myself with an eight-incher replicock.

Formspring: Do you believe in monogamy?

"Believe"? Odd choice of words. I see monogamy as a characteristic of some relationships, not as a necessary ideal to strive for or put belief into.

Monogamy either is or isn't part of a relationship between two people. Whether a couple can maintain monogamy, I'd say it depends on the persons involved, what they want, and their circumstances. In two-party relationship, it may be important for the two parties to define the extent of their emotional and sexual openness / closedness.

For myself, I'm not inclined toward a two-party romantic relationship. The closest I get to it is that I'm interested in friendships that include sexual communication; it'd be ludicrous for me to expect such friends to be monogamous toward me given that I wouldn't be monogamous.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Formspring: Have you done anything that would give rise to need for an STD test?

I've had sex with other guys since my STD test last year.

Depending on how many sex partners you have and how often you have sex, you should take regular STD tests; the general suggestion is to take the full complement of tests once a year and to take a particular test if you have reason to think that you've been exposed to a specific STD.

In the year since my last testing, I've had oral sex with four guys and anal sex (wrapped) with three of them.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tasting my cum (and reacting badly)

I went ahead and tasted my cum today (I was about to wipe it off my hand and figured "why not?").

The taste was boring, like egg whites. Appropriately enough, the consistency also reminded me of egg whites.

What surprised me was the reaction I had afterward. The part of my tongue I'd licked my cum with started hurting a little, as if it was drying out or had been burnt. On the advice of a friend, I used some Listerine to rinse it off. Curiously, the part of my tongue that hurt really hurt once the mouthwash started doing its job.

Combined with my previous experiences with skin reactions against my cum when it gets on the backside of my hands, I wonder if I have some kind of allergy. Because self-diagnosis is generally stupid, I'll ask the doctor the next time I go to take my STD tests.

Formspring: What are your tastes in porn?

My tastes in porn vary a little, but largely contain muscle, dominance, and contrasting appearances for the participants.

As a general rule, I prefer "top porn," porn where the top is looking to primarily get his rocks off, and less emotionally concerned with his bottom (I'm borrowing this term from Chris Steele's answer on his Q&A page). Elements that help get me off include a guy getting sucked, who looks somewhere other than at the guy sucking him and a guy fucking another, while not focusing his attention on his bottom guy. Oddly enough, I really enjoy it if the top jerks off the bottom; maybe it's that he's taking control of the bottom's pleasure that works for me.

I like for the guys' appearances to differ from each other, such as combining a more muscular guy with a more average or twinkish fellow or a hairy guy with a smoother fellow.

On some level, I project myself into the bottom's participation and, seeing myself as more average / slender, I like for the top to be more muscular or beefy.

Some of my favorite porn actors include: Chris Steele, Bobby Blake, Marcus Iron, Colton Ford, Michael Brandon, Aiden Shaw, and Pavel Novotny.

Some favorite scenes include: two scenes from Cops Gone Bad (Chris Steele & Michael Soldier's scene, which may be my most-watched porn scene, and Michael Brandon and Sky Donovan's jail cell scene), Chris Cooper and Lane Fuller's scene in Down Austin Lane, Rico Dulce and Kelly Madison's scene in Lords of the Ring (Blue Blake Productions), Steve Hurley and Hans Ebson's scene in Demolition Daddy, Dean Chasson and Greg Chasson's scene in The Brothers (Falcon Studios), Marcus Iron and Billy Kincaid's scene in Iron Will, and the back-alley & outdoor scene in High Tide.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Formspring: What would you say is your ultimate fantasy sexually?

To (suffer and) die for (the salvation of) humanity.

Growing up as a sensitive (and religious) child and hearing about how this son of the Christian creator god suffered and died for the salvation of humanity and hearing the praise of this sacrifice, I could find little more ultimate than to follow in his example.

It is not simply a sexual fantasy, but an ultimate fantasy for me: to traverse unjustified physical suffering for a goal I deem worthy and one that saves even those who would enact cruelties against me.

It is not a fantasy I am aroused by, but one that consumes much of my imagination and my imaginary senses.

My less "ultimate" sexual fantasies still contain a good dose of genre fantasy, magic, horror, and sensual violence. They're less focused on dying and more on the verge of dying, such as a careful and intimate dance with knives, the blades piercing just enough to make me bleed.

Formspring: Been with a girl?


When I was closeted and denying myself my sexuality, I went without sex rather than donning a shell of heterosexuality.

Formspring: Would you prefer to suck or be sucked?

I prefer sucking to being sucked.

It could have to do with my masturbation habits. Using a Death Grip / Grip of Doom has probably desensitized my dick to where the softness of a set of lips, a mouth, and a tongue just don't register that well. I'm trying to "correct" this by switching up my hand use with a Fleshjack.

Sucking also plays into my submissiveness and current bottom-orientation, servicing another man and preparing him for topping me.

The cock itself can also be a nice tool and simply worth pleasuring and enjoying all on its own.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Formspring: How does casual sex fit into your sex life?

Casual sex pretty much defines my (non-masturbatory) sex life.

At one point in my life (and I am uncertain if it was inspired by someone else or if it came from my own deliberations), I started thinking of sex not as a sacred/profane activity but as yet another form of communication. Sex is but another, more intense way for us to interact with each other.

While I have let myself explore some of the emotions that come with affection, crushes, and romantic-sexual love, I don't aim to get involved with anyone in anything more "serious" than a friendship.

Combining these two factors, it was easy for me to define and seek out friends who accept sex as part of our means of communication.

Part of this includes meeting potential friends and maybe hooking up on our first meeting together. Sometimes, the first meeting ends up being the only one and, in effect, "just a hook-up."

I've also gone for straight up hook-ups; even then, my curiosity about people is active and I want to know more about the guy I'm having sex with (even if we don't have known intention of meeting each other again); I understand this added level of interest doesn't work for all guys.

I should add, for posterity's sake, that I (unfortunately) only infrequently meet with guys for sex (largely due to logistics and my unwillingness to leave the comfort of my home; once I have my own place, my meetings will probably become more frequent).

My sexual fantasies are far more risque than I am though and include much more "casual" sex.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Formspring: Is being submissive part of your personality? Your sexual identity?

It is part of both.

My general personality is partly submissive, deferring to others and working toward some kind of harmony. I consider myself a good follower: once someone has established authority, I will recognize it as long as I consider it legitimate; should I start considering it as being illegitimate, I will usually try to remove myself from the situation rather than overthrow the authority in question. I (partly cowardly) show my disapproval by my increasing and eventually complete absence.

In addition to my follower quirks, I also prefer a harmonious state where everyone's wishes (including my own) are fulfilled. For a long time (and still to an extent) I've focused more on the joys of others than those of my own.

In recent years though, I've increasingly rebelled against this part of me. Submitting myself to others doesn't necessarily achieve what I want and way too often leaves me short. My assertiveness is growing and it feels good.

Currently, submission plays a significant role in my sexuality. Until I find the confidence in myself to lead, I want to be led. I am attracted to decisiveness and clarity, as well as caring, but authoritative sexual partners.

In terms of sexual fantasy, my limits expand to include a lot more dictatorial sex where I feed off of both the dominant dictator and the submissive subject.

Formspring: What would I have to do/say to pick you up in a bar?

You'd have to be direct. I'm terrible at responding to hints and subtlety as I fear that I may have misread innocuous gestures as suggestive ones and make the other guy uncomfortable by suddenly turning into Nick Green, Sex Kitten.

Look into my eyes, size me up, touch me, and grope me if you feel comfortable doing so in that setting. In being almost continually of two minds, I like decisive guys who go for what they want. If you dare, squeeze my ass, and if you're dominant, claim my crotch.

As for speaking, show an interest in me as person as well as a sexual object. Let your directness flow through the conversation, especially if you're doing all of the real talking.

I like a solid man; he gives me something to attach to and work off of.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Formspring: What could a guy do to really impress you?

Belch really loud and deep (it's one of my sexual fetishes).

Otherwise, he could express some positive level of confidence in himself and a degree of self-esteem that doesn't leave him a neurotic drama queen. He should dress and groom well (whether formal or casual). He should also be willing to share of himself in a conversation (as I am a little too willing to blurt out too much info about myself).

That's just basic level of impressiveness though. To really impress me, he would reveal that he has initiative and drive to seek out and do the things he wants in life. He must show a courage that I myself desire to achieve; in other words, he must inspire me by virtue of his own being.

Formspring: Hypothetically speaking, if you could choose, to be heterosexual or homosexual, what would have chosen?

I don't know.

So much of me is predicated on being homosexually oriented that to be heterosexually oriented would entail being a completely and utterly different person, past, present, and future. Though it is tempting to say "heterosexual," I simply have no real reference point of what and who I would be if I had been heterosexually oriented. I have no guarantee that my life would have been easier; sure, I wouldn't have gone through the homosexually-focused conflicts I've gone through, but neither could I rely on any other characteristics that may stem from my homosexuality (social empathy, sensitivity, etc).

I don't know whether being hetero would have resulted in me interacting more with my father as opposed to my current primary interaction with my mother; if it did, I would quite likely have become a more miserable fellow, akin to my father.

There's also a devil's argument: if I could and did choose to be heterosexual, I would have missed out on the experience of being in a reviled minority, missed out on truly struggling with my sexual identity, and by both failed to gain an otherwise inaccessible insight into both.

Being born bisexual would have been awesome though. If you put that on the table, I might just go for it because it offers a taste of both worlds while denying neither.

Formspring: Have there been any prosecutions under the Norwegian law making it illegal for an HIV+ person to have unprotected sex?

From what I could find via HIV Norway, nine men and three women have been convicted in accordance to Paragraph 155 (the paragraph stems from 1994, but was amended in 2003 to demand condom-use by persons infected with sexually transmitted diseases [the key one: HIV). Five of the cases include a spread of HIV, presumably by the convicted defendant. Their punishments range from 120 days to two years and ten months (it looks like those who inform their partner of their infection usually receive a lesser sentence than those who do not).

Recently, a sauna/bathhouse-owner in Bergen was charged under this paragraph and for, in effect, pimping out one of the worker's there (who is HIV-positive). It was the worker who brought the complaint to the police, so it'll be interesting to see what comes of this.