Thursday, May 13, 2010

Formspring: Name three people you want to fuck your ass?

Only three? Here's a list of some guys I think I'd enjoy having anal sex with; you can focus on the top three if you want:

1) Chris Steele, porn star and director
2) Michael Brandon, porn star
3) Bobby Blake, porn star
4) Colton Ford, porn star
5) MeetTheBreeder, sex exploits blogger
6) Studfucker, sex exploits blogger
7) Mark Bentson (IBlastInside), sex exploits blogger
8) Stephen Cox, former sex exploits blogger (GeekSlut)
9) JuicyGigolo, porn actor and frequent twitterer
10) TravManFucksYou (on XTube), former sex exploits twitterer

This list is not exhaustive and there are some guys I'd like to cuddle with, but, for whatever reason, hesitate to have anal sex with; some of the guys above also are strict barebackers, so I'd have to be willing to bareback in order to have anal sex with them (which may postpone that possibility, beyond the physical distance).

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