Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Formspring: What would I have to do/say to pick you up in a bar?

You'd have to be direct. I'm terrible at responding to hints and subtlety as I fear that I may have misread innocuous gestures as suggestive ones and make the other guy uncomfortable by suddenly turning into Nick Green, Sex Kitten.

Look into my eyes, size me up, touch me, and grope me if you feel comfortable doing so in that setting. In being almost continually of two minds, I like decisive guys who go for what they want. If you dare, squeeze my ass, and if you're dominant, claim my crotch.

As for speaking, show an interest in me as person as well as a sexual object. Let your directness flow through the conversation, especially if you're doing all of the real talking.

I like a solid man; he gives me something to attach to and work off of.

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