Saturday, May 8, 2010

Formspring: What would you say is your ultimate fantasy sexually?

To (suffer and) die for (the salvation of) humanity.

Growing up as a sensitive (and religious) child and hearing about how this son of the Christian creator god suffered and died for the salvation of humanity and hearing the praise of this sacrifice, I could find little more ultimate than to follow in his example.

It is not simply a sexual fantasy, but an ultimate fantasy for me: to traverse unjustified physical suffering for a goal I deem worthy and one that saves even those who would enact cruelties against me.

It is not a fantasy I am aroused by, but one that consumes much of my imagination and my imaginary senses.

My less "ultimate" sexual fantasies still contain a good dose of genre fantasy, magic, horror, and sensual violence. They're less focused on dying and more on the verge of dying, such as a careful and intimate dance with knives, the blades piercing just enough to make me bleed.

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