Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tasting my cum (and reacting badly)

I went ahead and tasted my cum today (I was about to wipe it off my hand and figured "why not?").

The taste was boring, like egg whites. Appropriately enough, the consistency also reminded me of egg whites.

What surprised me was the reaction I had afterward. The part of my tongue I'd licked my cum with started hurting a little, as if it was drying out or had been burnt. On the advice of a friend, I used some Listerine to rinse it off. Curiously, the part of my tongue that hurt really hurt once the mouthwash started doing its job.

Combined with my previous experiences with skin reactions against my cum when it gets on the backside of my hands, I wonder if I have some kind of allergy. Because self-diagnosis is generally stupid, I'll ask the doctor the next time I go to take my STD tests.


  1. That is not dissimilar to my reactions to tasting cum. To me it tended to 'burn' the back of my throat and just taste acrid. But it never much left a lasting impression. Please let me know what your doc says about your cum.

  2. @Freemind
    Will do. On googling it, I got a few results, including an section in the Wikipedia article on semen. It suggests that regular exposure can overcome mild allergies. The article seems to assume that the allergic person is a female recipient though.

    Wikipedia section:

    I'll chalk this one up with my sensitive gag reflex as ways my body works against my gay bottomdom.