Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fetish Fun: Belching

Belching (or burping) is the expellation of gas through the mouth. It is used to relieve both the gas build-up from digestion and the air that comes down with eaten food and drink. It is largely considered rude and immature, and there's an expectation that people should apologize after burping in public.

It's also one my biggest turn-ons.

I so want to be the guy who gets belched at in this video. That the main
belcher is hot and shirtless makes me wish that I was there and could
just whip it out and start whacking. YouTube Channel: headshotok

The turn-on comes from the combination of the deep, masculine sound, the breach of propriety, and the dominance belching asserts through those two. In my life, I'm painfully aware of social conventions and expected behavior and take care to comply with them. Belching (particularly in public) is such a strong breach that I find myself melting with arousal for guys who do it. I want to hear the belching close to my ear, I want to see their mouths as the sound erupts, and I want to feel their throats as they vibrate from the force within.

  An exceptional burper who also covers another fetish I have for baseball caps
and similar headwear. YouTube Channel: MrTheMally

There's also the confidence that guys express when they belch that makes me admire them, partly as I see myself as lacking that confidence and self-assurance. That ability to temporarily not care about what others think about them and to assert themselves is hot. This is also why I prefer louder, deeper belches over the light, airy, and superficial burps. Even if it's a closed-mouth burp, the main attraction for me is that guttural, primal sound of domination.

 Hot muscular belcher...*melts* YouTube Channel: PowerTODaBlueRocks

Being gay, I find myself only turned on by guys belching. While there are plenty of videos and groups dedicated to women burping (which is an even bigger breach of protocol due to patriarchal assumptions of gender roles), they just don't do it for me. I am happy for bisexual belch fetishists though as they have lots of material to draw from.

These two had a lot of great belching videos back in the day.
The main belcher is hot and beefy and consistently burps well,
while his companion achieves some amazing depth with his belches.
YouTube Channel: MrTheMally

Over the years, I've enjoyed belching in-person (strictly listening), through sound clips, through textual description, and through video. At this point, I have two or three enjoyments that I really want to get to, but I haven't yet found the opportunity to enjoy.
  1. To be in a full-on group of belchers - I've had friends who have belched repeatedly as a group, but I'd love to enjoy it with guys who knew they were turning me on like crazy
  2. To have a guy belch repeatedly, including into my face, as I jerk off to his belching.
  3. To have a guy belch repeatedly, including into my face, as he fucks me.

Gawds, this ad got me remarkably horny when I first moved to the US.
YouTube Channel: eCampus.com

If you, dear reader, are a belch fetishist, I recommend checking out the following:

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saturday pictures and video - 28th of December, 2013

Just some pictures and a video I shot earlier today.

My five inch replicock, Private Dick.

Video of me fucking myself with Private Dick.

Monday, August 12, 2013

New Twitter account for sexual tweets

Today, I made a separate Twitter account for tweeting sexual tweets: Nick V Green XXX

Feel free to follow or request that I follow your account (if you have a sexual Twitter account).

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hook-up photos from the 10th of July, 2013

Attached are some photos my top took during my hook-up on the 10th of July, 2013.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer's release

Where I live in Norway, outside of Oslo, the hook-up possibilities are almost non-existent and I have to go to the city in order to meet up. If you combine the travel time (and expenses) with the effort of prepping, this sets a pretty high threshold for hooking up, as I don't want to have wasted all that time on a no-show, a flake, or a guy who misrepresents himself online.

Sidenote: now that I have at last gotten the key to how to properly douche effectively thanks to PhillyBreeder, this may change a bit as my previous method of douching was time-consuming and full on pain in the neck.

This summer, as I do whenever I visit stateside, I've taken the time to hook up with several guys (eight thus far). The larger gay communities and my access to a car increases both the chances of mutually interested hooking up and my ability to get to where the hook-up will take place. I primarily visit Albuquerque and Miami and stay at places where I can't host at all, so I'm fully dependent on meeting with guys who can host.

It's been pretty good thus far and, as my summer here is about to end, that makes it a pretty successful series of summer releases this year (to be detailed further). Highlights include my first referral hook-up, my first partner-swapping, and the first time I've stayed the weekend over with a friend/fuckbuddy. I aim to make the end note of it to be just as sweet and to return home as a fully satisfied bottom.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Hook-up photos from the 7th of July, 2013

Attached are some photos my top took during my hook-up on the 7th of July, 2013.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hook-up photos from the 3rd of August, 2013

I've been hooking up a bit this summer as part of my summer vacation. During one of those hook-ups, the top I hooked up with took a few photos. I'm posting the photos here for your enjoyment.

Of me:

Of my ass:

Of me sucking him:

Of my ass and his dick:

Of me and a dildo he had:

Of me being double-penetrated by him (a fantasy he had):

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Upper Head: What can I write about sex?

Since I returned to this blog and uploaded the pictures from 2011, I've brainstormed how I can further update and maintain this blog. I've drawn up a list of blog topics, ranging from talking about some of my sexual fetishes (both explored and unexplored), to recounting past hook-ups (successful and less so), to thoughts about sex and aspects of sex and sexual activity.

However, deciding on what I am going to think and write about is proving trickier, as ideas themselves are cheap: it's thinking about them, exploring them, and then bringing them to some sort of conclusion that's the challenge.

On that note, I'd love for some input from whoever reads this blog. What would you, dear reader, like for me to talk about or discuss?

I mentioned earlier that I had drawn up a list, which I'll include after this paragraph. If there is a topic on the list that you'd like me to discuss, please let me know.

List of potential blog posts:

Fetish Fun: Belching
Fetish Fun: Fucked with own cum
Fetish Fun: Baseball caps

Sexual Encounter: Norwegian muscleman
Sexual Encounter: Korean exchange student
Sexual Encounter: Norwegian nipple-play
Sexual Encounter: Once you go Black...
Sexual Encounter: First barebacking
Sexual Encounter: First breeding
Sexual Encounter: Sketchy, Albuquerque-style
Sexual Encounter: Norwegian youth
Sexual Encounter: The post-cum wall
Sexual Encounter: Those that fell flat...

Upper Head: On barebacking and breeding
Upper Head: Sexual variety (over dichotomy)
Upper Head: Self-determination and -termination
Upper Head: Equality before the law
Upper Head: Dedicated bachelor
Upper Head: Photography

Sunday, May 26, 2013

On posting nude self-pictures

In the last three posts I've uploaded sets of naked photos I've taken of myself, most of which I took back in November 2011. At the time I went through a burst of previously-repressed exhibitionism, breaking my wall of self-imposed demurity with a few private photo sessions. I then shared the photos with guys I had either hooked up with previously or would like to hook up with down the line. The sharing went over e-mail, where I attached the ones I liked best and then sent them out.

It's been one and a half years since then and I'm now having another burst, this time sharing my nude self-pictures with whomever might be interested in checking them out. If people want to see me nude and/or sexualized, they now have that option and I can now just send a link to this site instead of going through my photos each time I want to share them with someone new.

As for worries about having the "wrong" persons find them: this blog is listed as an adult blog with adult content, so anyone who comes in and checks my photos must have clicked on Blogger's agreement that they are willing/interested in accessing adult content. If an employer or colleague should do so and react poorly to the blog, then I must question their judgment and whether or not I would want to continue associating with them.

My photos are fairly innocent, with the most salacious being those where I pull apart my butt cheeks to show my sphincter. The purpose for doing so should be quite clear if you've ever engaged in anal sexual activities, where both the cheeks and sphincter play an important role. To clutch my pearls and say "no, this is too much" is both silly and willfully ignorant of the sexual acts I enjoy.

With regards,

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pics of me bent over or on my back (from Nov. 2011)

The next batch is of me bent over, ready to be plowed.