Sunday, May 26, 2013

On posting nude self-pictures

In the last three posts I've uploaded sets of naked photos I've taken of myself, most of which I took back in November 2011. At the time I went through a burst of previously-repressed exhibitionism, breaking my wall of self-imposed demurity with a few private photo sessions. I then shared the photos with guys I had either hooked up with previously or would like to hook up with down the line. The sharing went over e-mail, where I attached the ones I liked best and then sent them out.

It's been one and a half years since then and I'm now having another burst, this time sharing my nude self-pictures with whomever might be interested in checking them out. If people want to see me nude and/or sexualized, they now have that option and I can now just send a link to this site instead of going through my photos each time I want to share them with someone new.

As for worries about having the "wrong" persons find them: this blog is listed as an adult blog with adult content, so anyone who comes in and checks my photos must have clicked on Blogger's agreement that they are willing/interested in accessing adult content. If an employer or colleague should do so and react poorly to the blog, then I must question their judgment and whether or not I would want to continue associating with them.

My photos are fairly innocent, with the most salacious being those where I pull apart my butt cheeks to show my sphincter. The purpose for doing so should be quite clear if you've ever engaged in anal sexual activities, where both the cheeks and sphincter play an important role. To clutch my pearls and say "no, this is too much" is both silly and willfully ignorant of the sexual acts I enjoy.

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