Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Upper Head: What can I write about sex?

Since I returned to this blog and uploaded the pictures from 2011, I've brainstormed how I can further update and maintain this blog. I've drawn up a list of blog topics, ranging from talking about some of my sexual fetishes (both explored and unexplored), to recounting past hook-ups (successful and less so), to thoughts about sex and aspects of sex and sexual activity.

However, deciding on what I am going to think and write about is proving trickier, as ideas themselves are cheap: it's thinking about them, exploring them, and then bringing them to some sort of conclusion that's the challenge.

On that note, I'd love for some input from whoever reads this blog. What would you, dear reader, like for me to talk about or discuss?

I mentioned earlier that I had drawn up a list, which I'll include after this paragraph. If there is a topic on the list that you'd like me to discuss, please let me know.

List of potential blog posts:

Fetish Fun: Belching
Fetish Fun: Fucked with own cum
Fetish Fun: Baseball caps

Sexual Encounter: Norwegian muscleman
Sexual Encounter: Korean exchange student
Sexual Encounter: Norwegian nipple-play
Sexual Encounter: Once you go Black...
Sexual Encounter: First barebacking
Sexual Encounter: First breeding
Sexual Encounter: Sketchy, Albuquerque-style
Sexual Encounter: Norwegian youth
Sexual Encounter: The post-cum wall
Sexual Encounter: Those that fell flat...

Upper Head: On barebacking and breeding
Upper Head: Sexual variety (over dichotomy)
Upper Head: Self-determination and -termination
Upper Head: Equality before the law
Upper Head: Dedicated bachelor
Upper Head: Photography

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