Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fetish Fun: Belching

Belching (or burping) is the expellation of gas through the mouth. It is used to relieve both the gas build-up from digestion and the air that comes down with eaten food and drink. It is largely considered rude and immature, and there's an expectation that people should apologize after burping in public.

It's also one my biggest turn-ons.

I so want to be the guy who gets belched at in this video. That the main
belcher is hot and shirtless makes me wish that I was there and could
just whip it out and start whacking. YouTube Channel: headshotok

The turn-on comes from the combination of the deep, masculine sound, the breach of propriety, and the dominance belching asserts through those two. In my life, I'm painfully aware of social conventions and expected behavior and take care to comply with them. Belching (particularly in public) is such a strong breach that I find myself melting with arousal for guys who do it. I want to hear the belching close to my ear, I want to see their mouths as the sound erupts, and I want to feel their throats as they vibrate from the force within.

  An exceptional burper who also covers another fetish I have for baseball caps
and similar headwear. YouTube Channel: MrTheMally

There's also the confidence that guys express when they belch that makes me admire them, partly as I see myself as lacking that confidence and self-assurance. That ability to temporarily not care about what others think about them and to assert themselves is hot. This is also why I prefer louder, deeper belches over the light, airy, and superficial burps. Even if it's a closed-mouth burp, the main attraction for me is that guttural, primal sound of domination.

 Hot muscular belcher...*melts* YouTube Channel: PowerTODaBlueRocks

Being gay, I find myself only turned on by guys belching. While there are plenty of videos and groups dedicated to women burping (which is an even bigger breach of protocol due to patriarchal assumptions of gender roles), they just don't do it for me. I am happy for bisexual belch fetishists though as they have lots of material to draw from.

These two had a lot of great belching videos back in the day.
The main belcher is hot and beefy and consistently burps well,
while his companion achieves some amazing depth with his belches.
YouTube Channel: MrTheMally

Over the years, I've enjoyed belching in-person (strictly listening), through sound clips, through textual description, and through video. At this point, I have two or three enjoyments that I really want to get to, but I haven't yet found the opportunity to enjoy.
  1. To be in a full-on group of belchers - I've had friends who have belched repeatedly as a group, but I'd love to enjoy it with guys who knew they were turning me on like crazy
  2. To have a guy belch repeatedly, including into my face, as I jerk off to his belching.
  3. To have a guy belch repeatedly, including into my face, as he fucks me.

Gawds, this ad got me remarkably horny when I first moved to the US.
YouTube Channel: eCampus.com

If you, dear reader, are a belch fetishist, I recommend checking out the following:

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