Saturday, August 16, 2014

GIF'ing my pics

Trying out GIF'ing some of my pics.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday Pictures and Video - Self-Breeding - 1st of March

A video and a couple of pictures I shot using my five-inch replicock, Private Dick, to breed myself with my own cum. I also used two of Pursuitr's picture-tweets for jack-off material, imagining him breeding me (the pics I used are this one and this one).

Video of my self-breeding

My hole after self-breeding

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday Pictures and Video - 22nd of February

Some pictures and a video I shot using both my six-inch replicock, Captain Cock, and my eight-inch replicock, Lieutenant Wood.

Using Captain Cock

 Using Lieutenant Wood

Video of me using them both:

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday Pictures and Video - 15th of February

Some pictures and a video I shot using both my five-inch replicock, Private Dick, and my Matthew Rush Supercock.

The Matthew Rush Supercock

The Matthew Rush Supercock next to Private Dick

The video of me using both:

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday Pictures and Video - 8th of February

Some pictures and a video I shot using both my five-inch replicock, Private Dick, and my eight-inch replicock, Lieutenant Wood.

Using Private Dick

 Using Lieutenant Wood

Video of me using both:

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saturday Pictures and Video - 1st of February

Some pictures and a video I shot using both my five-inch replicock, Private Dick, and my six-inch replicock, Captain Cock.

Using Private Dick

Using Captain Cock

Video of me using both:

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fetish Fun: Muscular Guys

Through most of my life I was a skinny guy who continually teetered near the low-end of what was considered healthy for a boy/man of my age. I had sharp, angular features and I was pretty bony. It was the natural result of a high metabolism from my mother's side and a personal dislike of eating. While this would all change once I moved into a university dorm and got properly introduced to the university cafeteria, it still affected me during my developing years and has influenced my personality.

I also think it's part of the reason why I'm highly attracted to muscular guys.

Ironaddict4555 on YouTube combines a great-looking, smooth physique 
with a wicked sexy beard-sideburns combo.

There's something about a muscular guy that just gets me, that makes me swoon over him and all that I associate with his muscularity. In part, it's the curvature of his muscles, clearly defining each muscle and hinting to the strength each muscle commands on its own and together with the others.

Evander Marius shows off his strength through people lifting.

I want to feel his muscles, to feel the strength within them, to take part in his strength by paying respect to it. I want him to dominate me with his presence, his assertiveness, and his physical force. I want to trace the lines of his muscles with my fingers, recognizing the work he's put into them. I want to flex them so that I may kiss them, feel them against my face, and hold and squeeze them between my (weaker) hands.

Zitronenquark has an impressive size, great tone,
and the kind of rough face that I find it so easy to melt for.

I'd love to be the skinnier guy "worshiping" such a great, muscular body
and attending to a big stud.

It's also the confidence so many muscular guys seem to exude. They know that they're bigger, stronger, and more intimidating that most. Some use that to make a persona that plays to those expectations (such as with the guys above) or even exaggerate them. It adds personality and complements the bodies they've built. Others play against those expectations, contrasting their big, hard bodies with goofiness or sweetness.

DJCire has a nice beefy build and his videos are noteworthy for
the humor he shows in them, such as the one above,
and his numerous dancing videos.

I just love this clip and its nice blend of humor and cockiness (and muscle!).

Whether tough or funny, I do love a guy who has taken the time and effort to build his body.

How about you, dear reader? Do you share any enjoyment of guys with muscular physiques? If so, what do you enjoy?

If you have a muscular physique, how do you feel about the enjoyment other guys have of it? Do you feel any different for having that physique?


Some other recommended YouTube channels if you enjoy muscular guys:
ChaosServer - lean, muscular, with a perpetual five o'clock beard
InvulnerableDR - big, muscular with a deliberately cocky attitude
TylerMuscleGod and NinjaTylerMuscleGod - extraordinarily big, young bodybuilder


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sexual Hygiene: Basic Douching

Douching is the process of cleaning out the anal cavity in preparation for anal sex, whether penile fucking og fist fucking. It usually consists of inserting water or another liquid into the anus, letting the water loosen and gather fecal matter, and then forcing it out again as you would when taking a dump.  The process is then repeated until the liquid being pushed out is clear/brackish rather than brown.

As a bottom (vers, primarily bottom), douching is an important part of my preparation for a sexual encounter. Unfortunately, realizing you're gay doesn't come with an instruction manual, so it has taken me years to learn how to properly douche. I guess that, in a lot of the encounters I've had prior to learning how to properly douche, I was lucky with my natural bodily cleansing (or with very understanding tops).

To do my part in remedying this, I've prepared a video on basic douching:

I hope that you, dear reader, find the video useful (or that you already know how to douche).

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Lighter Side: Foreskin Follies

Despite being born in the US, I am not circumcised. Circumcision is not part of family heritage on either side. I'm pretty much happy that I wasn't circumcised as there was no need for it and I like having the foreskin available to me when I jerk off (it also puts me in the uncut niche when I hook up in the US).

However, there are some times where my foreskin becomes a bother.

One major incident of this was in the summer of 2013 at the end of my weekend with PhillyBreeder. On my last morning there, he drove me to the airport where we said our goodbyes and I got ready for the next part of my US trip. After checking in my luggage, I had plenty of time to spare and figured that I'd hit the can first.

I found a stall, sat down, and went about my business...that is, until I discovered a problem.

If you have foreskin, you're probably aware that foreskin scrunches up when your dick is soft. If you piss while it's still scrunched up, the foreskin may divert the piss so that it shoots in a direction other than the one you're pointing your dick toward. That's just what happened in this case. My foreskin was scrunched and my piss missed its a lot.

The whole time I had been sitting and pissing and shitting, unbeknownst to me, I was shooting a parabola of piss out of the toilet bowl and straight into my boxers and shorts.

Once I discovered it, it was too late. Both my boxers and my shorts were soaked with piss.

On the upside, I had kept hydrated during my stay in Philadelphia so my piss was of the lighter colored, near odorless kind. On the downside, it was still piss, it was going to get worse with the smell, and I was at the start of a day of traveling from Philly to Albuquerque (with two stops in-between).

I tried drying up as much as I could, but the toilet paper could only soak so much and I was still left with piss-moistened legwear. Thus began the Hunt for Non-Piss-Soaked Legwear at Philadelphia International Airport.

I don't know if you, dear reader, have tried finding reasonably priced legwear at PHL to make up for your piss-soaked clothes before you have to board your flight, but it's an adventure of its own.

In the end, I was able to find a store that sold reasonably priced shorts (the first store I found was a clothes boutique, with prices to match). After securing the shorts, I cleaned as much the piss from my legs as I could, put on the new pair, and otherwise traveled commando across the continental US.

The lesson: if you have scrunchy foreskin, always pack extra legwear and keep it with you when traveling.

So, dear reader, have you had any accidents because of your foreskin?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Blog Response: The Breeder's "Open Forum Friday: Selling It"

Back on Friday, the 25th of January, The Breeder published a post on the issue of exchanging sex for money or goods, on how some people react strongly against it and condemn it, and on his experience with it as someone who offers sexual experiences (largely as a dominator) in exchange for money. He has detailed this experiences and encounters in other posts and in this one he writes to counter the perception some people express about "johns" (guys who pay for sexual services). He points out how condemners of the practice accuse both the suppliers and the consumers of sex services of being pathetic, desperate, and fools, and offers his take on the buyers of sex based on his experiences as a sex provider.

Toward the end, he asks for input from his readers on the matter, their experiences and their thoughts.

I have not intentionally paid for sex or taken payment for sex. While I have looked at escort personals for pictures and food for fantasy, I haven't given much thought to intentionally paying in exchange for sex services. The primary reason for this is the illegality, I think; I'd be too worried about the encounter being a set-up either by law enforcement or someone intend of using the illegality of it against me later on.

However, if I look beyond the simple exchange of money or direct exchange of goods, then it gets fuzzier.

As I am usually the younger one (and the bottom) when I meet up with a guy for a hook-up (or more), the guys I'm with tend to buy me lunch or dinner (or even a movie ticket) as part of our meeting up. Is this an exchange of goods (food, entertainment) for services (my bottoming)? Should I consider this as a prostitution of myself? Typically, people do not consider this prostitution though the acts are particularly different.

I once, over a period of one to two weeks, kept paying for a guy I met with on a near-daily basis. In exchange, I had a form of boyfriend experience with him (where I covered all the tabs). The money I gave him wasn't explicitly in exchange for anything. Yet, I was in effect (as I am cynical enough to be sure he hung out with me because of my money) paying him for his company.

It matters little to me whether someone else exchanges money for sex, as long as the sex is consensual. If others are willing to put up cash for sexual services (or "keeping" a guy) that's their business and if others want to be compensated with money in exchange for their sexual services then that's their business as well. Their exchange does little to affect me or the rest of society as long as the exchange is mutually consented and neither party is being exploited in the exchange.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday pictures and video - 18th of January, 2014

Some pictures and video I shot with my Matthew Rush Supercock.

My hole after trying to take in the Supercock.


I had to lube up the Supercock as it's too big to fit into my lube jar. 


My attempt at getting the Supercock in. I had to throw in the towel as I reached my limit at the time.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Encounter: Or the Lack Thereof - Part 3

The 26th of October started off as good a Tuesday as any other. I was attending Florida International University and lived in the dorms (a single efficiency with a door that went straight out to the yard). That particular day, I had no classes and instead spent the day with my brother, my mother who was visiting, and a family friend. My brother and I voted early and we all had lunch together.

That evening, I had arranged for a meeting with a muscular Cuban guy I'd been in touch with on Adam4Adam. We hadn't met yet and had worked out this evening as a time that fit for both of us.

I'm having a hard time writing about this. Unlike the other men I had previously met with, this guy did not respect my boundaries. Instead, he raped me.

The trauma of the rape is such that I cannot look back to that night without suffering a cold sweat, trembles, and an immense fear mixed with an intense, unwanted arousal. His dismissal of my right to withhold consent, his claiming of me against my wishes, and his penetration of my ass (which felt like a fist covered in thumbtacks) deranged me thoroughly. I was in a mental and emotional shock for a good while afterward, well aware that attempting to prosecute it would most likely backfire (I had, after all, invited him to my place through a site dedicated to sex and hook-ups). Where I had wanted to explore my sexuality, he was only interested in fucking and dominating me.

It should little surprise you, dear reader, that this experience severely dampened my desire to meet with new guys. While I did meet with a couple of guys (for example the Texan stud I mentioned in the previous entry), I was still shell-shocked and quite intent on protecting my then-fragile mind. Also, though I had now experienced giving oral and receiving anal from my rapist and thus broken that boundary, I had little desire to repeat it (though I did give oral to the Texan when I met up with him).

A self-portrait I took after taking my post-rape
shower. I knew the day and its events would
be significant and ought to be remembered.

I kept quiet about the rape for I knew that I had become extremely fragile (as well as deranged) and that the opinions and reactions of others, in that state, could very well break me. Unfortunately, my reservation and defensive stance would prove itself warranted in some cases where I later informed others of my rape. The trauma also led me to philosophically recognize and obsess about the fact that all is ultimately for naught and that all effort, no matter how good or well-intentioned, can be torn asunder by the acts of another man. This in turn derailed my efforts as a graduate student as I struggled to see any long-term point in writing.

It has taken me years to work through this trauma, primarily on my own (I had the assistance of a sexologist for a short time, though that was primarily with regard to my fear of STDs at the time) and it still affects me, as experienced and seen in writing even this text. The mihi nihil refert ("to me, nothing matters") philosophy remains a significant basis for much of my outlook on the world and life.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fetish Fun: Self-Breeding

Thus far, I have been bred by two guys: the first guy who bred me, a Pakistani-Indian hook-up I met with in Miami, and PhillyBreeder, who I spent the weekend with back in the summer of 2013. I haven't made a habit of being bred or barebacking for that matter, as the increased risk for sexually transmitted diseases warns me off doing so. While it is nice to provide a breeding experience for a top, the possible consequences make it more of an exceptional treat rather than a routine for me.

However, after having been bred, I've found that there is a form of breeding I would really like to try: being bred with my own cum.

I enjoy being fucked after I've cum (as long as my ass hasn't gotten too sore). What I want to try is for a top to use my cum as the lube he fucks into my ass, to breed me with my own cum. What I think is hot about it is the combination of the breeding (cum makes an excellent lube) and the transgression of having one's own bodily fluids inserted into oneself by another.

I haven't found a top yet that has been up for this. I have asked a few, but the only one of them that I've hooked up with said that he wasn't interested in this. I'll just have to keep at it, asking tops as I come across them. Eventually I'll find some guy up for it or who may be as turned on by it as I am.

How about you, dear reader? Have you had your cum fucked into you? Have you fucked another guy's cum into him?

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday pictures and video - 11th of January, 2014

Some pictures and a video I shot with my eight-inch replicock, Lieutenant Wood.