Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Blog Response: The Breeder's "Open Forum Friday: Selling It"

Back on Friday, the 25th of January, The Breeder published a post on the issue of exchanging sex for money or goods, on how some people react strongly against it and condemn it, and on his experience with it as someone who offers sexual experiences (largely as a dominator) in exchange for money. He has detailed this experiences and encounters in other posts and in this one he writes to counter the perception some people express about "johns" (guys who pay for sexual services). He points out how condemners of the practice accuse both the suppliers and the consumers of sex services of being pathetic, desperate, and fools, and offers his take on the buyers of sex based on his experiences as a sex provider.

Toward the end, he asks for input from his readers on the matter, their experiences and their thoughts.

I have not intentionally paid for sex or taken payment for sex. While I have looked at escort personals for pictures and food for fantasy, I haven't given much thought to intentionally paying in exchange for sex services. The primary reason for this is the illegality, I think; I'd be too worried about the encounter being a set-up either by law enforcement or someone intend of using the illegality of it against me later on.

However, if I look beyond the simple exchange of money or direct exchange of goods, then it gets fuzzier.

As I am usually the younger one (and the bottom) when I meet up with a guy for a hook-up (or more), the guys I'm with tend to buy me lunch or dinner (or even a movie ticket) as part of our meeting up. Is this an exchange of goods (food, entertainment) for services (my bottoming)? Should I consider this as a prostitution of myself? Typically, people do not consider this prostitution though the acts are particularly different.

I once, over a period of one to two weeks, kept paying for a guy I met with on a near-daily basis. In exchange, I had a form of boyfriend experience with him (where I covered all the tabs). The money I gave him wasn't explicitly in exchange for anything. Yet, I was in effect (as I am cynical enough to be sure he hung out with me because of my money) paying him for his company.

It matters little to me whether someone else exchanges money for sex, as long as the sex is consensual. If others are willing to put up cash for sexual services (or "keeping" a guy) that's their business and if others want to be compensated with money in exchange for their sexual services then that's their business as well. Their exchange does little to affect me or the rest of society as long as the exchange is mutually consented and neither party is being exploited in the exchange.

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