Thursday, January 9, 2014

Encounter: Or the Lack Thereof - Part 2

As I mentioned in the first part, once I came to acknowledge that I am gay I began a slow and gradual exploration of my being gay. The evening walks I had on the Key Biscayne beach introduced me to several guys and let me experience mutually attracted physical contact. We just talked and touched, as I was still too hesitant to get into kissing (it would be years until I really got into kissing).

One memorable exception was a guy I met through Adam4Adam, a Texan, toned stud with short hair. Instead of the usual evening walk, we met for a bike trip into the abandoned Key Biscayne Zoo (it was a zoo prior to Hurricane Andrew in 1992, after which it became a regular park). I showed him around in the park as we biked, ending up in a secluded part where we sat down and cuddled. I sat in his lap and he showed me how to kiss, using a bit of tongue. He also led my hand so that I could feel up his eight-incher through his shorts. We didn't go further than cuddling, kissing, and touching, but would meet again later on (and keep on-and-off in-touch after he moved from Miami).

Another exception was a guy I met through Manhunt, a Cuban man, a bit short than me. The first time we met was on one of the night-time beach walks. We hit it off well, and at a later date we met up at his place. We continued the cuddling and added some frottage to the mix. Then, one evening I visited him and I agreed to let him perform oral on me.

We were in his bed, which had a big memory foam mattress. We cuddled in the nude and, while I don't remember the details leading up to it, he began blowing me, tenderly and hungrily lapping at my dick with tongue and mouth, leading to my first ever conscious orgasm. That he swallowed my load probably help spur on my exclamations of "Oh God, oh God, oh God!"

Over the three years 2001-2004, I would occasionally feel the need to meet with another guy, though I always kept it at cuddling, frottage, and possibly being blown. I was in most ways exceedingly fortunate that the guys I met with respected my (in retrospect, overly strict) boundaries, letting me explore being gay at my own pace. I was on my conservative little way way to becoming the gay man I felt like being.

That is, until the 26th of October, 2004.

To be continued...

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