Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fetish Fun: Muscular Guys

Through most of my life I was a skinny guy who continually teetered near the low-end of what was considered healthy for a boy/man of my age. I had sharp, angular features and I was pretty bony. It was the natural result of a high metabolism from my mother's side and a personal dislike of eating. While this would all change once I moved into a university dorm and got properly introduced to the university cafeteria, it still affected me during my developing years and has influenced my personality.

I also think it's part of the reason why I'm highly attracted to muscular guys.

Ironaddict4555 on YouTube combines a great-looking, smooth physique 
with a wicked sexy beard-sideburns combo.

There's something about a muscular guy that just gets me, that makes me swoon over him and all that I associate with his muscularity. In part, it's the curvature of his muscles, clearly defining each muscle and hinting to the strength each muscle commands on its own and together with the others.

Evander Marius shows off his strength through people lifting.

I want to feel his muscles, to feel the strength within them, to take part in his strength by paying respect to it. I want him to dominate me with his presence, his assertiveness, and his physical force. I want to trace the lines of his muscles with my fingers, recognizing the work he's put into them. I want to flex them so that I may kiss them, feel them against my face, and hold and squeeze them between my (weaker) hands.

Zitronenquark has an impressive size, great tone,
and the kind of rough face that I find it so easy to melt for.

I'd love to be the skinnier guy "worshiping" such a great, muscular body
and attending to a big stud.

It's also the confidence so many muscular guys seem to exude. They know that they're bigger, stronger, and more intimidating that most. Some use that to make a persona that plays to those expectations (such as with the guys above) or even exaggerate them. It adds personality and complements the bodies they've built. Others play against those expectations, contrasting their big, hard bodies with goofiness or sweetness.

DJCire has a nice beefy build and his videos are noteworthy for
the humor he shows in them, such as the one above,
and his numerous dancing videos.

I just love this clip and its nice blend of humor and cockiness (and muscle!).

Whether tough or funny, I do love a guy who has taken the time and effort to build his body.

How about you, dear reader? Do you share any enjoyment of guys with muscular physiques? If so, what do you enjoy?

If you have a muscular physique, how do you feel about the enjoyment other guys have of it? Do you feel any different for having that physique?


Some other recommended YouTube channels if you enjoy muscular guys:
ChaosServer - lean, muscular, with a perpetual five o'clock beard
InvulnerableDR - big, muscular with a deliberately cocky attitude
TylerMuscleGod and NinjaTylerMuscleGod - extraordinarily big, young bodybuilder


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