Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sexual Hygiene: Basic Douching

Douching is the process of cleaning out the anal cavity in preparation for anal sex, whether penile fucking og fist fucking. It usually consists of inserting water or another liquid into the anus, letting the water loosen and gather fecal matter, and then forcing it out again as you would when taking a dump.  The process is then repeated until the liquid being pushed out is clear/brackish rather than brown.

As a bottom (vers, primarily bottom), douching is an important part of my preparation for a sexual encounter. Unfortunately, realizing you're gay doesn't come with an instruction manual, so it has taken me years to learn how to properly douche. I guess that, in a lot of the encounters I've had prior to learning how to properly douche, I was lucky with my natural bodily cleansing (or with very understanding tops).

To do my part in remedying this, I've prepared a video on basic douching:

I hope that you, dear reader, find the video useful (or that you already know how to douche).

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