Monday, June 15, 2015

Encounter: My first breeding

About five years ago, the same summer I experienced my first bareback hook-up over in Oslo, I visited Miami with my family as we have done every year since 2006. On these summer visits, we mostly did things as a group, going to movies, shopping, and the like. In 2010 though, I really wanted to get laid.

During the previous summer visit to the States, I found the time to meet with and hook up with a fellow over in Albuquerque. This year though, I hadn't found that time and during our last days in Miami, I started to really feel my unspent horniness. We stay pretty far from the city when we stay in Miami, so I had largely been unsuccessful in finding hook-ups there (especially as it was out of the question to host where I was staying). This time, I got a match though, one guy who lived a few blocks away. He hit me up with a Smile and gave me his phone number and address.

As I did not have a car at the time, I started walking over there. On the way over, the guy called me up. At this point, I was getting deliriously horny. We started talking and he asked me if I was okay with his request to fuck bare. Given that that request fed into my horniness, I agreed. Then he asked me if I was okay with his request to cum inside me given that he was HIV negative, which I hadn't seen before leaving the house. I balked a bit, then just agreed. He noted that I must have been really horny to agree to this.

I continued walking and it took me about 30-40 minutes walking in a Miami afternoon-evening to get to his place. He was renting a backroom of house and met at the back gate. He's a Middle eastern/Central eastern fellow, semi-built, about fifteen years my senior.

We went into his room, undressed, made out, and then began fucking in earnest. We switched positions a bit on his bed. He also turned on the TV to cover our sounds. This led to an interesting experience where he was fucking me while I lay in the bed with him standing at the edge of he bed, while he simultaneously watched the TV show that was on (I think NCIS). It was an experience of objectification, of being there and being used or done unto while the person performing the act was otherwise mentally engaged. For many, this would be a turn-off. I found it kind of hot.

At the moment, I do not recall the position we were in when he finally bred me. I don't remember whether we were front-to-front or back-to-front (I think it was the latter). Afterwards, we cuddled for a while and cleaned up a little bit (his room and bathroom had bachelor-lived-in quality).

We met again the next day (and went out for Denny's one of those days) for another breeding. We did the same the next year.

The dick that provided my first breeding.

While the fucking and cuddling was good (and exhausting my horniness was delightful), I did not feel the breeding in itself. I don't know if it was my tiredness or a lack of sensitivity inside my ass, but I cannot recall feeling the thrust and ejaculation in itself...maybe I just need some more "data" to test this out. What worked more for me about it was the idea of the breeding, of his cum and DNA inside of me and that intimacy. I'll just have to see what future hook-ups will bring.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Encounter: My first bareback hook-up

Back about five years ago, a guy contacted me on A4A. He said he was visiting Oslo for some days and wanted to hook up. While he was (and is) a bit older than me, he showed a great smile in his profile pic and packed a great-looking eight-incher. We chatted a bit on e-mail and set a day to meet up at his place in Oslo.

It was a summer afternoon and the sun was high. It was my first time in that particular neighborhood, which added to the excitement. I found his place and was let inside. Immediately upon meeting, we began kissing and fondling each other. I undressed and sucked his dick for a bit (I was still a novice at blowjobs though) and then we got ready to fuck.

What I had forgotten or failed to not was that he had listed Anything goes under Practice on A4A. So when I suggested putting on a condom, he was a little hesitant, but did so anyway. We then tried getting at least part of his eight-inch beast in me, but it kept shrinking. He then explained how he had a hard time staying hard when wearing a condom. At that point, having already gotten significantly aroused (and having thought about barebacking ever since I started on Twitter earlier that spring and gotten to know IBlastInside and The Breeder), I relented and agreed to fucking bareback.

His beautiful dick.

What proceeded was amazing. His dick, though quite long, had just the right girth to fill me up without tearing me a new one. Our sensuality also clicked, as we kept touching and kissing each other throughout. For the next four and a half hours we switched between fucking, fingering, and cuddling, with me cumming about three or four times, until I could cum no more. My favorite position was standing upright, with him holding me across my chest as he pounded me. In all that time, he remained rock hard with that beautiful meat of his.

In the end though, my ass grew too sore for its own good. We tried fingering and different positions just to keep going, but my ass wouldn't budge. We then switched over to a last cuddling session and he finally got around to jerking his meat and cumming (I assumed he hadn't cum in me earlier as, with our vibe, that seems like something he would have brought up; also, I had told him that being bred would have been a bit too much for me at the time).

We cuddled some more and then went out to a local Chinese restaurant (his treat), after which we thanked each other for the hook-up and shared a last kiss.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Encounter: My first time bareback

The first time I barebacked was during a hook-up I had with a fuck-buddy in Miami. He is Cuban, 19 years older than me, and somewhat athletic.

At the time I had little experience cleaning out my behind and this I had not cleaned out well enough. My friend brought me to the bathroom where we then started douching. We filled the enema bottle with water and squirted it inside of me. At first, I bent down on the floor to get the best effect. Shortly afterwards, my buddy suggested that I should bend over the bathtub and arch my back. I do so to see if that would help with the cleaning.

While I was bent over the bathtub, my friend checked in on me. He must have been in a good mood, as he soon after stabbed his bare dick into me and fucked me, without a condom and with the enema water still inside me. I was completely surprised and a little taken aback over being barebacked, but it felt so good that I just let him continue.

After he'd fucked to his (momentary) content, we finished the douching and went on to fucking in his bed with a condom. But, ever since then I have many times thought back on we suddenly had me over the bathtub. jacked off, and then cum to that memory.

My fuck buddy's dick, resting on his laptop.