Friday, November 4, 2016

Day One: Philadelphia

I am on vacation in the US for the next three and a half weeks and start my vacation in Philadelphia.

I arrived in Philly Wednesday night..

My Thursday started with meeting and hooking up with a friend/fuck buddy of mine at my hotel room on his way to work. We cuddled and fucked for about 30 mins, whereafter he came in me (bred me) and proceeded to churn his load in for 10-15 mins. We could have gone longer, but he had work and we will have the whole weekend to enjoy together.

After that hook-up, I relaxed at the hotel and went to the local drug stores to pick up necessities (lube, US cell phone, and the like). My efforts on BBRT and A4A went nowhere at first, featuring the classic "oink/smile" and "unlock" followed by zero reply when I ask when they'd like to meet. In the end, I met and hooked up with a nice fellow who was heavily into cuddling and soft touching (which I also enjoy). It was primarily a cuddle-up that surrounded a briefer fucking.

He also came in me and, as he had not cum for a few days, my ass started leaking cum and lube the moment I stood up from the bed. Luckily, I caught it in time to not soil the carpet and held onto it until I got to the toilet.

He obliged me with taking a couple of photos during our fucking.

Monday, September 26, 2016

How to get PrEP in Norway

Earlier this month I finally reached out to Helseutvalget here in Norway (a state-sponsored organization that works for the health of LGBT persons) and asked about the current state of PrEP following the EU/EEA decision to begin implementing Truvada prescriptions for preventing HIV infections.

Within two weeks and a day, I had my PrEP prescription and my first ninety-pill batch of Truvada.

So, for the benefit of other people here in Norway considering applying for PrEP, here's how I went about it.

  1. I e-mailed post (at) and asked them about the current state of PrEP in Norway and how I could get a prescription.
  2. Helseutvalget answered my questions and arranged for a Sjekkpunkt meeting, where I took a combined HIV/syphilis test and received my first consultation regarding PrEP.
  3. Helseutvalget forwarded my interest to an infection specialist at Akershus university hospital who set up an appointment for me by e-mail.
  4. I met with the infection specialist, had my second consultation confirming that I am among men with an increased risk of HIV infection due to my occasional barebacking (and intent to bareback in the foreseeable future), and received my first ninety-pill/ninety-day prescription for Truvada.
I sent my first inquiry on the 5th of September and had the pills in-hand on the 20th.

Me and one of my first three packets of Truvada.

Here are some things to keep in mind regarding Truvada/PrEP if you're interested or looking into it here in Norway:
  • Truvada/PrEP is currently fully subsidized by the state; the consultations and prescription were free of charge on my part; this may change as its use becomes more common
  • Truvada/PrEP is not guaranteed to prevent HIV-infections (but has a pretty good batting average) and as such should not be considered a replacement for condoms; Truvada also only works to prevent HIV and none of the other STIs
  • The long-term effects of Truvada are unknown; it is currently suspected that long-term use can cause kidney damage and increased chance of osteoporosis
  • Truvada for PrEP prescriptions are intended for persons who have an heightened risk of HIV infection, either due to barebacking or a partnership with an HIV-positive (but not yet undetectable) partner
  • Norway follows the EU/EEA guidelines for use, which means it can be used one of two ways:
    • Daily - one pill per day in combination with a meal
    • As needed - two pills taken with a meal at least two hours prior to possible HIV exposure, followed by one pill on each day of HIV exposure, and finished with one pill per day for two days following the last day of HIV exposure
Once you have used up your ninety pills, you must have a new consultation, which will include an HIV test prior to a renewed prescription.

Because of the danger of creating a Truvada-resistant HIV-strain, I believe you must take an HIV-test outside of the possible transition period (when people are infected with HIV,, they have a period during which they are infected, but will test as HIV-negative because they have not yet developed the antibodies that are detected by HIV-testing). Whoever consults you will inform you about this. 

Because it has been so long since I had sex (sadface), it was quicker for me to just take the HIV-test and get on the PrEP-wagon.

If you are interested in PrEP, I highly recommend contacting Helseutvalget and having a consultation with them (and don't be shy about your activities and interests; they can't address your needs if you don't tell about them).

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The post-cum wall

Does anyone else experience that post-cum wall? That wall, that sudden change in perspective where you go from being hot and heavy and focused on reaching your climax to being suddenly self-aware. Where you can go from the headspace of fantasizing and imagining that you're part of a gangbang to thinking, crap, I've got to clean up and get on with x, y, and z.

I've experienced it a couple of times in other guys when I've hooked up where, after steadily fucking, they cum and suddenly lose all interest. They go from being aroused studs to cold trout and disengage completely. The starkest example was once in Albuquerque where, after he came, he suddenly had no interest in me and couldn't understand why I want his dick in my whole while I jerked off.

I experience it on my part when I'm on my own when jacking off. Usually when I jack off, once I come, I'm done.

But if I'm with another man, to suddenly lose interest like that just baffles me. If I cum first, I want to keep going until he comes. Heck, I might cum multiple times and still want more of him (one of my best hook-ups, my first barebacking hook-up, had me cumming three-four times and still wanting more from him). If we've gone to the trouble of meeting up, I am under no hurry to end it.

How about yourself, dear reader? Do you experience it (if so, is every time or just now and again)?