Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The post-cum wall

Does anyone else experience that post-cum wall? That wall, that sudden change in perspective where you go from being hot and heavy and focused on reaching your climax to being suddenly self-aware. Where you can go from the headspace of fantasizing and imagining that you're part of a gangbang to thinking, crap, I've got to clean up and get on with x, y, and z.

I've experienced it a couple of times in other guys when I've hooked up where, after steadily fucking, they cum and suddenly lose all interest. They go from being aroused studs to cold trout and disengage completely. The starkest example was once in Albuquerque where, after he came, he suddenly had no interest in me and couldn't understand why I want his dick in my whole while I jerked off.

I experience it on my part when I'm on my own when jacking off. Usually when I jack off, once I come, I'm done.

But if I'm with another man, to suddenly lose interest like that just baffles me. If I cum first, I want to keep going until he comes. Heck, I might cum multiple times and still want more of him (one of my best hook-ups, my first barebacking hook-up, had me cumming three-four times and still wanting more from him). If we've gone to the trouble of meeting up, I am under no hurry to end it.

How about yourself, dear reader? Do you experience it (if so, is every time or just now and again)?

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