Friday, November 4, 2016

Day One: Philadelphia

I am on vacation in the US for the next three and a half weeks and start my vacation in Philadelphia.

I arrived in Philly Wednesday night..

My Thursday started with meeting and hooking up with a friend/fuck buddy of mine at my hotel room on his way to work. We cuddled and fucked for about 30 mins, whereafter he came in me (bred me) and proceeded to churn his load in for 10-15 mins. We could have gone longer, but he had work and we will have the whole weekend to enjoy together.

After that hook-up, I relaxed at the hotel and went to the local drug stores to pick up necessities (lube, US cell phone, and the like). My efforts on BBRT and A4A went nowhere at first, featuring the classic "oink/smile" and "unlock" followed by zero reply when I ask when they'd like to meet. In the end, I met and hooked up with a nice fellow who was heavily into cuddling and soft touching (which I also enjoy). It was primarily a cuddle-up that surrounded a briefer fucking.

He also came in me and, as he had not cum for a few days, my ass started leaking cum and lube the moment I stood up from the bed. Luckily, I caught it in time to not soil the carpet and held onto it until I got to the toilet.

He obliged me with taking a couple of photos during our fucking.

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